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Nothing will happen . . . right?!

Updated: Apr 7

You have finally booked your #bucketlist trip with your Travel Advisor and they have recommended you purchase travel insurance for you trip. Most travelers think, "nothing will happen to me!" BUT, what if it does? What will you do? How will you cover the added expenses?

Today we will outline just a few of the reasons that you should purchase travel insurance in order to protect your investment and your health. At Integrity Destinations we always recommend that you purchase a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) travel insurance plan within 14 days of booking your travel arrangements. This will ensure that you are fully covered under any circumstance.

Scenario #1: You and your spouse are excited to go on your week long cruise to the Mediterranean. A day after you embark, your spouse become terribly ill and needs more medical attention than the on board doctors can administer. The ship tells you they will send you to the hospital at the first port of call.

Will you be covered with your personal health insurance? Typically international destinations do not accept US health insurance. Therefore, you will be stuck with the high medical bills and possible medical evacuation. By purchasing a travel insurance plan within 14 days of your initial trip deposit you will ensure that you have plenty of medical and dental coverage, including medical evacuation. Pre-existing conditions can be included in most plans.

News Story: Mexico cruise ship passenger with appendicitis

Scenario #2: Your flight is delayed heading to your long awaited vacation, which means that you have now missed your connecting flight and need to wait until the following day to catch the next one. To make matters worse your luggage ends up missing when you do finally arrive at your destination.

With a travel insurance plan you will be covered for out of pocket expenses if your trip is delayed, and you must get a hotel room, for up to 3 days with a limit of up to $750. Your luggage delay or possible loss of luggage will also be covered. You will be allowed $200 to $1000 to replace any delayed or lost items.

Scenario #3: Two days before you depart for your long awaited European tour your travel partner's father passes away and you both must now attend to funeral arrangements.

Or maybe you happened to book your travel during hurricane season in the Caribbean. There has just been a named storm heading straight for the island you were going to be visiting, your flights have been cancelled.

Trip cancellation is just another reason to purchase travel insurance. You won't have to worry if your trip is cancelled for a covered reason. You will be able to get a refund of covered travel purchases. Some examples of covered reasons are accidents, injuries, loss of employment, sickness or death etc. If you prefer to your Travel Advisor can add a cancel for any reason upgrade.

Your Integrity Destinations Travel Advisor will help you choose the correct travel insurance for your needs. If you have any questions please reach out to us at Info@IntegrityDestinations.com


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